Drupal was mentioned in Forbes as part of an article called "Social networking terms you should know". Great to see our work being recognized by Forbes. Super!


peach - all dr… (not verified):

I think it's remarkable that Business sites have way more mentions of Drupal while the internet in general shows more activity in favor of Joomla, take a look:

Popularity in google searches:,drupal

Webpages mentioning Drupal: 33 million
Webpages mentioning Joomla: 116 million

Drupal mentions on 5370
Joomla mentions on 115.000

And now on the business side...

Drupal mentions on 353
Joomla mentions on 162

Drupal mentions on 296
Joomla mentions on 108

An argument that makes sense is that Drupal is more relevant to the corporate businesses that and therefore is draws more attention to business magazines but then you'd expect the same to apply to Typo3 and Plone but it does not (just search).

Fuzbolero (not verified):

Drupal and Acquia are referred to again in an interview regarding open-source and multitenancy:

"A Fatal Flaw For Open Source"
(Dan Woods, 06.15.10, 06:00 AM EDT)

"Open source by and large was created for the single-tenant architecture. There are companies like Acquia that have created multi-tenant versions of Drupal for their commercial hosting service, but that was done by the founders of the project. I don't know if they have made the multi-tenant part of it open source. But it's a lot of work, it wouldn't surprise me if they kept it to themselves.

But the bulk of use of open source is not going to be easily converted to a multi-tenant form. So when you set out to create a Web app, which I argue is going to have to be multi-tenant to achieve scale, you are going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting."……