Drupal was featured on the cover of last week's Information Week, a weekly technology magazine with 440,000 subscribers. The accompanying article is also available online: Collaboration is at the heart of Open Source content management. (Hat tip: John VanDyk and The Worx Company)

Information week


Cary Gordon (not verified):


How interesting that this comes on the heels of a Gartner Group MarketScope report on the CMS business that pretty much writes off open source as having less than three percent of the market. This is a great example of how the so-called enterprise market hasn't a clue as to placing a value of open source products.

Their favorites were Ektron and Interwoven. If you look at typical deal sizes for Ektron, they are comparable to Drupal deals at the enterprise level. I am sure that they pulled that number out of their posteriors.

We recently pitched a Drupal/Alfresco package against SharePoint, and the outcome is looking very good.

BryanSD (not verified):

The magazine cover would make a great poster for any Drupal based business!

Cary, I'm not trying to steal this thread from Dries, but I have to ask...how are you integrating Drupal and Alfresco? I've been pitching a Acquia or Alfresco implementation against SharePoint, but I haven't given much thought on integrating the two together. What requirements does Drupal meet that Alfresco doesn't?

L4Linux (not verified):

One magazine after another writes articles about Linux & OSS. The biggest barrier against Linux adoption was lack of information about it. Now this barrier is deteriorating fast.