In the beginning of the year I started doing some iOS development for my POSSE plan. As I was new to iOS development, I decided to teach myself by watching short, instructional videos. Different people learn in different ways, but for me, videos tutorials were the most effective way to learn.

Given that recent experience, I'm very excited to share that all of the task tutorials in the Drupal 8 User Guide are now accompanied by video tutorials. These videos are embedded directly into every user guide page on You can see an example on the "Editing with the in-place editor" page.

These videos provide a great introduction to installing, administering, site building and maintaining the content of a Drupal-based website — all important skills for a new Drupalist to learn. Supplementing user guides with video tutorials is an important step towards improving our evaluator experience, as video can often convey a lot more than text.

Creating high-quality videos is hard and time-consuming work. Over the course of six months, the team at Drupalize.Me has generously contributed a total of 52 videos! I want to give a special shout-out to Joe Shindelar and the Drupalize.Me team for creating these videos and to Jennifer Hodgdon and Neil Drumm (Drupal Association) for helping to get each video posted on

What a fantastic gift to the community!


Prajwal Channagiri (not verified):

Awesome!!! Thanks Dries for such a great initiative! Video tutorials really help! We are already teaching Drupal to many Japanese people and we wish to translate the user guides and make the videos if that is possible.

Addison Berry (not verified):

Hey Prajwal, that's great to hear! There is already a Japanese translation started ( by the Japanese localization team. You can read more about helping with User Guide translation at…. For information on videos specifically, you can read…. And lastly, if you want to translate the captions for the existing Drupalize.Me videos instead of creating new ones, there is information on how to do that in the README-VIDEOS.txt file in the User Guide repo (

Joe Shindelar (not verified):


I would recommend starting an issue on the user guide project. We've got much of the process for translating the text of the guide sorted out already. And would be happy to help get you started.

For videos, we've got processes in place to support translating the captions. And if you wanted to do voice over or similar we could probably work with you to figure out a way to make that happen.

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