About a week ago the new Pro Drupal Development book started shipping, and today, the book cracked the Amazon Top 100. And we're not talking about the top 100 computer books here, we're talking about the top 100 bestsellers.

Drupal pro amazon rank
Drupal pro amazon rank

I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive, and rumor has it that Apress, the publisher, already started making arrangements for a reprint.

That ranking might be short-lived but still ... can someone tell me what is going on here, because this is just plain nuts. I didn't expect that to happen either ...


blakehall (not verified):

Got my copy yesterday afternoon (4.17), and I'm already on chapter 7. It's a great book, with lots of good illustrations. I think it's exactly the kind of documentation the community needed (at least of the dead-paper variety).

I hope people are buying from the official book site so that the affiliate ID portion goes to help the Drupal Association.

Thanks for all the hard work John and Matt!

Karlijn (not verified):

Good news for Dries, I just emptied the mailbox, and guess what was in there ... I think I know what Dries will be doing when he gets back from work, and it won't be helping me preparing dinner. :-)

Jeff Robbins (not verified):

... can someone tell me what is going on here, because this is just plain nuts ...

I'll tell you what's going on: Drupal rocks! And the world is starting to realize this.

The age of Rails is waning. Welcome the age of Drupal!

Enjoy the roller coaster ride, my friend. It's going to be higher and faster than you ever thought it could be.

Roel Guldemond (not verified):

Reading this made me decide to order this book directly. With the summer ahead, and free time, it will be good to have a good book where I can learn from. I have ordered at Amazon.uk, hoping that this is the best place to order from. (Question: Does the Drupal Association benefit from ordering at Amazon.uk, or do I have to order somewhere else?)

theBorg (not verified):

Yesterday was Sant George's day in Barcelona. Every body gets a book, if the drupalbook had made it on time on the book stores I'm sure it would have been a best seller.