Wow! The incredible folks at Schipul just put out a Drupal rap video called "Monster", featuring A. Hughes and D. Stagg. It is a remix of Kanye West's Monster. This takes Drupal music videos to a new level! We want more! We want more!


Katie (not verified):

Thanks for the blog love, Dries! We dig Drupal in a big, big way - Al and David apparently have to express their admiration in song :)

Brian (not verified):

Lol, the clip is really good ! :)
Ca me fait penser aux gros rappeurs US

sdboyer (not verified):

Ripped to an mp3 and set it as my error beep sound. My life now 83% more complete.

Will Jaspers (not verified):

Please, please open DrupalCon on Monday or Tuesday with this.

A.Hughes (not verified):

Thanks for the post Dries ... the support and feedback from around the globe has been great! Much love to the most kick ass CMS on the planet and the entire community that continues to push it to the limits!

Drupal, Drupal, everybody Drupal!