As part of my annual Drupal prediction, I was going to predict that in 2010, someone would get a Drupal tattoo. Of course, Kristof De Jaeger (aka swentel), fast as always, would get one just before the start of the new year. Who else has a Drupal tattoo?

Druplicon puzzle tattoo


swentel (not verified):

I still remember saying to you in Szeged I'd never do this, but since Drupal really shaped my life the last 4 years, this was a logical next piece on my arm :)


Yes, I remember that conversation at DrupalCon Szeged as well. I think you only had two pieces back then because I don't recall the Fender piece. I do remember jokingly suggesting a Drupal puzzle piece though ...

Mothers, don't send your children to a DrupalCon! ;)

Anonymous (not verified):

My "Microsoft (R) Office SharePoint (R) Server" tattoo doesn't seem so cool now.