Dries Buytaert

Drupal User Group Meeting at Across

Across attendees
Picture taken at the Belgian Drupal User Group meeting last night where the people from Across talked about gfmd-fmmd.org, a Drupal site that they built for the Belgian government. About 30 people showed up to talk about the Content Construction Kit (CCK), Views and internationalization. The CCK and Views modules seem to be the Swiss army knife for Drupalistas all around the world -- including the Belgian ones. Internationalization seems to be the source of some frustration.
Across pieter and dries
On the left, Pieter De Clercq of JeugdWerkNet -- they use Drupal for youth working. On the right, Dries Coucke of Pets.be. Dries is considering to convert Pets.be to Drupal. Funny thing is, Pets.be is one of my wife's favorite sites. Ah, small world!
Across luc van braekel
Luc Van Braekel, one of Belgium's earliest Drupal adopters.

Glad to see that there is more and more Drupal talent arising in the Low Countries. Good!

— Dries Buytaert

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