Two pictures taken at the free Drupal workshop in Antwerp. Hopefully some of the students will start contributing to Drupal once they started kicking ass.

As one of the teachers, I had good fun and actually learned a lot about teaching Drupal. It gave me fresh perspectives on how we can continue to improve the Drupal experience. We have work to do!

Fresh converts
Fresh converts!
Roel de meester
Organizer and co-teacher, Roel De Meester.


Patrick (not verified):

I was there too (you see my laptop on the left ;-) and it was a very interesting afternoon. I was already convert before this meeting, but now I know I take the right choise: Drupal!

Stan Guldemond (not verified):

Yes, it was very interesting. You can see me on the left, my dad took me with him. And I was glad he did! Learned a lot and I promised Dries I would show him my first Drupal site, and I will.

Roel Guldemond (not verified):

Introduced to Drupal in the summer of 2006, I joined Barcamp Brussels on September 23th. The spirit I encountered was very attractive, however my technical skills are limited. Following my wish to learn more on the technical level, I tried to get Drupal working from the command line. However it has brought me a lot of technical insights, it was at this workshop that I saw the initial Drupal "Welcome"-page for the first time. Actually it was Pascal van Hecke who smoothly and kindly suggested his neighbor Stan Guldemond on his left to use MAMP (on the picture above my son Stan is on his right side!). It was an exciting moment for me! Thanks to instructors Roel & Dries, and to all participants (and to all people who were helpful in the Drupal forums last months!). I am looking forward to climb on the Drupal Learning Curve and I will sure try to contribute to success of this attractive and promising open environment.

Jan Pillaerds (not verified):

Cool session, good way to share Drupal info! Hope to join more of these useful sessions!

bockereyer (not verified):

It was an afternoon well spent. I'll need a lot more training before I reach the "kick ass" level though. ;)

Thanks for your time and effort.

Amedee Van Gasse (not verified):

I was there as well. I already had a little bit of experience with using Drupal for the Tik website at -- but that was mostly as a user/editor.

Recently I moved my own bitweaver-based blog to /dev/null because I was getting frustrated with it: too hackish, too inconsistent, way too much memory usage. I started from scratch with Drupal and really: it's amazing how simple it is in concept. It's still quite complex to work with and I'm still very far away from kicking ass, but at least I can wrap my mind around it. I can finally see the trees trough the forest and get some actual work done.