DrupalCon BarcelonaThis post is long due but I'd like to invite everyone to join us at the next Drupal conference held in the beautiful Barcelona (Spain). It will be a 4-day conference from September 19-22, 2007. More information is available at the DrupalCon Barcelona website.

Every year, we try to organize two main Drupal conferences; one hosted in Europe and one hosted in North-America. This year's North American event took place at Yahoo!, and now the European event will take place in Barcelona. (I'd love to do a third annual Drupal conference in Asia or South-America.)

Being one of the main Drupal events, DrupalCon Barcelona will bring together hundreds of Drupal users and developers from all around the world. Whether you are a Drupal professional or an enthusiastic user coming to find out more, you're invited to join us in Barcelona.

Kudos to the Catalan Drupal user group and the Drupal Association for taking on the organizational work. It's great to see that others do a much better job organizing a Drupal conference than I ever did. For example, I don't think we ever managed to open registration three months before the conference when I was a (co-)organizer. Good job!


Simon Roberts (not verified):

The one at Yahoo was great, see y'all in Barcelona.

PS: MotoGP is at Estoril (Portugal) the weekend before the conference. Any other revheads going?

theBorg (not verified):

We will be very happy to host this year's Drupalcon Europe in Barcelona.

This is a great city to visit and we hope we will have a good weather, also Sept. 22 begins the "Merçè Festival", the biggest city street party if you could stay one day or two more.

Welcome to all the Drupal community!!