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I just got back from DrupalCon Hungary. About 100 people showed up to attend the conference. Little did I know that the Hungarian Drupal community was that big and active. Much kudos to the organizers, the sponsors and the people that are part of the Hungarian Drupal community. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to attend the next Hungarian Drupal conference.


chx (not verified):

Yup. The guy on the left was somewhat pulling things apart and I was the only kind-of-organizer on scene.

András Bártházi (not verified):

Me and Goba (two organizers) were closing the conference venue to keep it safe. When we arrived, they finished taking photos. It's hard to organize a conference. ;) Anyway, I think it was a great conference, and a great opportunity to meet with Dries and others as well. After the conference, my opinion is even stronger: Drupal is a very nice system, and I believe that it has a bright future.