Computer and video game developer Electronic Arts (EA) is using Drupal for their upcoming shooter game called Battlefield Heroes. I'm not big on games, but their trailer looks fun so maybe I'll give it a try. It sounds like, for a change, I wouldn't repeatedly get killed by a ultra-skilled 15 years old ...

According to the trailer, they have big plans for their website. They want to use it to host a long-running territorial conflict meta-game. Curious to learn if that will be built in Drupal too.

Battlefield heroes


Anonymous (not verified):

Wow, that's cool that EA is using Drupal for their site. Drupal is starting to get major traction with big names (after using Drupal for almost a year, I see why!).

It's come a long way since

Ryan (not verified):

I was a big fan of Battlefield 1942 when I was just going into college... I also signed up on the Heroes site hoping for a beta trial. Looks fun (at least for a couple hours). : )

VB6 (not verified):

Do you know who did the web design and programming? What modules they used? What the custom development they did? Did they do it all in house or did they hire it out.

Matthias (not verified):

I was always a fan of the Battlefield games. I'm curious about this one. If I'm correct, the game is played within the browser and their business model is based on so called micro transactions.

I'm wondering...

It's great to see them choose Drupal as the framework that drives their front end.