Eclipse, the Open Source IDE/framework originally from IBM, is using Drupal for Eclipse Live:

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Roel De Meester (not verified):

The combination of my two most favorite products.
Both open source.
Both excellent architecture.
Both driven by a happy community.
Both setting the standard in their own domain.
And now finally they found each other. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Zohar (not verified):

Ouch! Table based design!

It's like climbing to the top of the mountain... with an elevator! You get to the top just for the sake of taking a photo, and you go back home.

It's a very nice looking site, and an excellent product, so I hear, but hey! Eclipse people! web design's basic rule nowadays: no tables allowed to layout your site. ;-)

Jakob Persson (not verified):

Yikes! I agree about the table-based design! Amazes me that people can actually sell work that is outdated before it's made.

Still it's good news for all of us who use Eclipse and PHPEclipse or Zend's Eclipse plugins for Drupal development!

Denis (not verified):


Ouch! Table based design!

Open a bug and submit a patch to convert it to CSS... -> Eclipse Foundation/Comminity/Website

I didn't participate in the design of EclipseLive, but I think using CSS for page layout is overrated. It's great for those sites (like this one) that force the notion that "your screen is not wider than 800 pixels" by wasting screen real-estate and forcing everything to absolute positioning.

We originally went CSS-only for the site (keeping positioning and element widths relative to use *all* the screen) but it was not easy. We ended up reverting to the use of *some* tables just because of that.

BTW, this is our first attempt at Drupal, and so far our web guy seems to like it.

Zohar (not verified):

To Denis:

For me, the most important advantage CSS has over tables, is accessibility, not the comfort of design.
While it might be uncomfortable to DESIGN liquid layout with CSS (comfort is a subjective thing), it is far less comfortable to READ table based sites, when you can't see...

I do believe that web oriented projects should have this consideration in mind.

Luckily, Eclipse chose a CMS which would let it change the design of the site, without breaking everything else ;-)

Anonymous (not verified):

Do you people lose sleep at night over such things?

"Arghh!!! He used tables! Run for the hills!! The hillssssssss!"

Joe Letness (not verified):

Actually, I do lose sleep over these things.

Being a long-time web designer/developer (13 yrs.), I can appreciate ones desire to hold on to tried and true methods. However, using tables to create a web page layout in 2008 is just Bad Practice.

What I find bothersome is the excuses I hear from designers: "well, it just made sense to use tables for what we were trying to do, blah, blah blah...".

Oh well, at least it's not Flash.

bryan kennedy (not verified):

Glad to see some Drupal interest from Eclipse. I wonder if we will ever see a Drupal API command bundle for Eclipse. I am currently using Eclipse to develop a Drupal site and that would be most helpful. I know one already exists for TextMate.