Pierre-Jean Duvivier, Head of WebFactory at Edipresse, shared some remarkable data points with me. Edipresse is one of Europe's biggest media and communications companies. It is a traditional print company that publishes more than 200 titles, including some leading European newspapers (i.e. Le Matin, Le Temps, and 24 heures).

Pierre-Jean told me that they converted 11 newspaper and magazine websites to Drupal in 18 months. The reason for adopting Drupal was that it is cheaper, faster, and more stable than their old content management system.

Today, some of Edipresse's biggest media properties are on a shared Drupal platform that delivers 30 million pages a month. Since they switched to Drupal, they cut their global IT cost by 75% and grew their online traffic by 220%. On average, it takes their internal Drupal team 40 days to migrate an existing newspaper site to Drupal, so I think we can expect to see more Edipress sites moving to Drupal.

I've mentioned it before. Many large media companies are in bad waters. Although traditional media companies have had enough advance warning that the internet was changing their game, either they underestimated the risk or they figured it wouldn't apply to them. Many have waited so long to embrace the web and to adjust their business models accordingly that their existence is now being threatened. With advertising revenues declining, and a global economic downturn upon us, life isn't getting easier as a traditional publisher. Edipresse has set a great example of how Drupal can be used to help turn the ship in a record time.


Stewart Robinson (not verified):

It's great to see so many newspapers joining Drupal. We can't wait to be available completely in Drupal on Economist.com

We are getting there and have parts of the site up, not all of it is Drupal yet though.

BryanSD (not verified):

I wonder how many content management systems out there have the diversity of customers that Drupal has...from small time blog users to large international companies. I bet there aren't many...

Zohar (not verified):

That's amazing news. This, together with the WoodWing-Acquia partnership, will certainly have an astonishing effect on Classic Media sites around the globe, and in the EU in particular.

It's funny - I just finished the first draft of our next newsletter, where I mentioned Edipresse's tendency towards Drupal, and now I have some numbers to back it up!

Thanks :-)

Pierre Jean Duvivier (not verified):


I am Pierre Jean Duvivier from Edipresse.

Thanks for the posts.

We have "a good commercial mood" with our online newspaper now...but we have a bunch of precise newspaper in a very small market ; it's a luck.

I am open to talk with people interested on how we do what with our online newspaper to earn money with them.

My best regards.

Christian Stettler (not verified):

Hi there and bonjour to Pierre-Jean

I have been direct to this post from Bryan House @Acquia - thanks again. We are working with the "other" large european, swiss-based media company www.ringier.com. This year Ringier started several medium and large web portal projects with us based on Drupal. Two "magazine-based" website will be launched this summer and one of the largest media site in Switzerland will be launched by end of this year.

It is nice to hear that things in the media business will get started. We are working with Woodwing as a technology partner and our solutions are based on interfaces between WW and Drupal, not the ContentStation Air-client.

We are happy to share any information on our learnings.

Please feel free to contact me.