The main website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) relaunched using Drupal. The EFF is a non-profit organization with the stated purpose of being dedicated to preserving free speech rights.

According to Tim Jones, who helped with the implementation, the most interesting bit is the file-management. The EFF has thousands of PDFs spanning 15 years of legal cases to archive and organize. In the old site, these were just flat HTML links, so a big reason for the move to Drupal was to build a document management system. You can see it best on document-heavy pages like the AT&T case.



bertboerland (not verified):

This is great news!, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and now the EFF. Soon we run the Internet!

The site looks rather nice and non-Drupalish as well, but:

  1. they should upgrade
  2. they should delete
  3. we really should have a best practice about deleting those files but since people seldom change the defaults, make sure they are unreadable or deleted at the install.
Kip (not verified):

Dries - do you know if EFF is going to release the document management system they built? Or did they use a pre-built one (if so, which one)? Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified):

+1 for that request-- I've been struggling with document management for a while now and it seems some others are also. Would be great to know how they solved it.