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Entertainment Tonight is the number one entertainment news magazine in the world, and has been on the air for over 30 years. Fans around the world rely on Entertainment Tonight to receive news and updates on their favorite celebrities and stars. I recently discovered that the newest star featured on Entertainment Tonight was Drupal 8!

Entertainment Tonight's new Drupal 8 website, ETOnline.com, receives 19 million monthly unique visitors, making it the second most visited entertainment news website.

Chapter Three helped build the site. This project really helped Drupal 8 move forward because they ported many modules to Drupal 8 in the process. Check it out at http://www.etonline.com!


John Faber (not verified):

Chapter Three built this site. We contributed many bug fixes and modules back to the Drupal 8. This project advanced Drupal 8 in many critical like workflow core bug fixes.


John, we're very grateful that Chapter Three continues to invest so much effort in Drupal 8. I updated the blog post to give Chapter Three credit.

Alex Klein (not verified):

Hm, seems like a relatively simple site (serving articles to people) - "contributing many bug fixes and modules back to the Drupal 8. This project advanced Drupal 8 in many critical like workflow core bug fixes." doesn't sound like a great way to use technical resources to build a content site, or? Why did they choose Drupal?

John Faber (not verified):

The beauty of this site is how simple it appears on the front end, but how complex the publishing and content workflow is. The total system is huge and quite complex. This is not a simple content site. This is a flexible enterprise class publishing system.

Chapter Three believes in open source and the notion of giving work back to the community. Without that ethos we would not have open source. We have been a supporter of Drupal 8 for many years and believe that giving back is a great use of technical resources, no matter what kind of site you are building.

This site gets millions of uniques a month and needed to support a very large editorial team as well as complex 3rd party integrations. Content on the site needed to available in many formats. It required a flexible Ad integration. It needed a system that used a component based architecture tied to a flexible template system for content consistency through out the publishing workflow. They needed a platform that has a solid future and a solid community and are proponents of using open software for enterprise class solutions.

Drupal 8 was an obvious, and great choice.

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