This week, after almost a year of waiting, the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs), or OHIM, has finally approved my application for a community trademark. This means the "Drupal" word mark is now protected in all Member States of the European Union.

Previously, the Drupal name was only protected in Benelux and the United States, so this extra level of protection is a big and important step.

To help protect the Drupal name, I published the Drupal trademark policy on in August 2009. It was created to provide guidance to people interested in using the Drupal trademark, and aims to create a level playing field for everyone in the community. Since announcing the trademark policy, we received dozens of applications. With the assistance of my attorney, we have been progressing them in batches of 20-40 at a time. We still have a backlog so stay tuned if you haven't heard back yet.

Having the Drupal name protected against abuses in both the US and the European Union is a big step forward for the project. It means that we have the necessary recognition, authority, and tools to uphold the integrity of our project. Drupal continues to grow up!


fabsor (not verified):

Very nice! Does this mean that we could do something about ?

It's must be an violate Drupal trademark claim, and the domain could have been used by the Swedish Drupal community.


I haven't looked into the situation yet, but in theory, it means we could now go after the domain if they are in violation with the trademark.

SirFiChi (not verified):

I think Drupal Initiative Germany is planing (WhyDrupal) as landingpage for Germany.

Would be nice to see as the German landing page, because the german community is the 3rd result in the google search. (After as the 2nd result and as 1st result with absolutely nothing relevant for Drupalers and interested parties.)

akp (not verified):

You mention that the Drupal is now protected on the EU member states. Does that apply in the case when someone has taken ownership of local Drupal domain and he refuses to give the ownership to the local Drupal community?

Eg: or etc. (just examples)