As reported in the New York Times, NowPublic, a citizen journalism website built on Drupal, was acquired by Soon, one of the top-100 websites in the world will be running Drupal!Congratulations to the NowPublic team!

(Disclosure: I am an advisor to NowPublic.)


Shirley (not verified):

So the new owner of the bold, young, new media citizen-journalism site is a 70 year-old conservative republican billionaire who supports anti-choice and and anti-gay legislation and fringe conservative groups like Focus on the Family?

At least there's the delicious irony that the new owner of "Now Public" is so publicity shy that he has only given three media interviews in thirty years and is called the "stealth media mogul" by Forbes.

So, does this mean the free contributions of unpaid content providers at NowPublic and the free contributions of open source Drupal coders ultimately serve to support ever narrower concentrations of vast wealth rather than having the democratizing effects that they were once alleged to produce?

Is anything "big" that happens to Drupal always good news?

Sean (not verified):

Drupal is a tool. Like a hammer, or even better, a pen or a megaphone. You don't get a say in what other people build with it, or say through it.