Eye grow drupal
Eye grow drupal

Guess what is in these boxes?


Brady (not verified):

Druplicon-shaped Chia Pets for sure

Alex Jarvis (not verified):

It's the super-secret Drupal Gardens fertilizer. Makes Gardens even more awesome; your eyes will grow large and your jaw will drop. Be prepared, we've got 100 boxes of this stuff!

Nick Lewis (not verified):

I tried to crack your image handling system's file structure to give me the originally uploaded image: the answer is probably on that white shipping label. You've foiled me again Dries!

Gaurav Arya (not verified):

"Made In China"... Definitely some sort of Electronic Items, because China peoples are famous worldwide for this. There might be some toys sort of stuff as well..... anyways much guessing now.... Dries now please open the secret.....