Fast Company, a well-known business magazine about innovation, technology, leadership, management, design, social responsibility, careers and work/life balance, is now using Drupal.

With their new Drupal website, Fast Company is probably the first major business publication that blends professional journalism and online community in a significant way. You can now start your own blog, join a group, post a video, comment on articles, etc. And if you're lucky, you might find yourself featured on the front page of their website alongside articles of established journalists.

Fast Company has always been a trend setter, so expect more mainstream publications to follow. One can only hope that the traditional media becomes more open.

This is what Edward Sussman, president of Fast Company, had to say about Drupal: Our office is now the New York home of the monthly Drupal meet-up. Open source allows us to take advantage of the work of thousands of developers contributing back their work free-of-charge to the platform. We hope the development work we contribute back will help to improve all sites running on the Drupal platform.

Fast company

The website was developed by Lullabot, Achieve Internet, Treehouse, Advomatic and the Mansueto Team itself. Good job!


Steven (not verified):

Excellent site from an excellent magazine. I hope they follow through with their contributions back into the Drupal community.

Nate Haug (not verified):

Ed Sussman is a great entrepreneur and has been doing an amazing job of keeping in-touch with the Drupal community. With their internal team growing in Drupal skill and continued work with Drupal shops, I'm very excited about the future of FastCompany in the Open Source world.

Nicolas Amado (not verified):

Amazing and extremely feature-rich site!

This is awesome news for Drupal!

Well done FastCompany! Setting the way to go once again. :D

Congrats to all Drupal lovers!! Specially on these pre-Valentine days!! ;))



Tj (not verified):

Ran the site through my analysis module and the site does not fair well in terms of SEO. The semantics are all messed:

"Heading Level
Search h2
Topics h2
Sections h2
Business Network h2
Newsletters / RSS Feed h2
Magazine h2
Connect with Fast Company h1
What do you want to ask the Fast Company community? h3
Have more to say on any topic? h3 "

no meta description or keywords, alt tags, etc

Matt (not verified):

TJ - What analysis module is that? It seems like your SEO info is lacking a bunch of key facts.

On another note, does anyone know how well Drupal fairs on a VPS? I saw this Linode Review and was thinking of going with them. Would this work, what level? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Necati (not verified):

I just signed up with Unfortunately, and quite surprisingly, I found the community to be lacking the spark. Not much of a conversation or sharing going on in most groups.

Being working on a Drupal community myself, and also being pretty happy of what I have working on my local server up to now, I come to think once again that creating and keeping up the community itself is a whole other business.