The Drupal project has a policy of fixing bugs in the development release (currently, Drupal 8) and then backporting to stable releases (currently, Drupal 7 and Drupal 6). This policy is important, because it helps to prevent regressions from being introduced in future versions of Drupal.

However, the size of our project and our community has reached the point where a single maintainer of the development release (currently, me) doesn't scale at times. I've been very focused on setting the vision for Drupal and launching the Drupal 8 initiative. As a result, we have a growing backlog of bug reports that needs to be looked at and that is holding back the stabilization process of Drupal 7.

To fix this, I am going to be granting Angela "webchick" Byron, my Drupal 7 co-maintainer, commit rights for bug fixes in Drupal 8, in order to help ease maintenance of Drupal 7 and speed along the stabilization process.

This is something that a number of prominent core developers have been asking for, and will allow me to keep my focus on setting the strategic direction for Drupal 8, appointing and working with Drupal 8 core initiative owners, and prioritizing incorporation of new features. The goal is to help Drupal to scale, and to increase the momentum of core development for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.


Derek "dww" Wright (not verified):

Excellent news! This is just what we need to help stabilize Drupal 7 while Drupal 8 begins to take shape. It should also help the morale and enthusiasm of a lot of core developers who have been frustrated and disorganized by the lack of progress committing important fixes. Thanks to Angie for agreeing to take on this new responsibility, and to Dries for making a shift in policy when really needed.


noobee (not verified):

She Tweeted: there goes all my free time.

JohnAlbin (not verified):

Focusing on D7 bugfixes++

When I first seriously started doing core development, it was because of numerous bugs I discovered in Drupal 6's theming system. They spurred me into doing core development to get them fixed.

It's a shame that the ability for new contributors to get bugfixes into D7 has been so drastically curtailed these past few months. Its a missed opportunity.

But I'm very glad that we've corrected our course. Thanks, Dries and Angie!

Senpai (not verified):

Good move, Dries! I'm sure Webchick will be perfect in this new role too!

One thing, though, and I'm speaking to everyone. Try not to bombard Webchick with "please push this" requests, or she'll run screaming into the foothills.

Nathan Haug (not verified):

This is great news! Thanks Angie and Dries for your consideration of our need for such a step. Finally bumping back up to 3 reviewers/maintainers would be a great thing for Drupal 8 development.

noobee (not verified):

This finally shows me you are serious about D7 being usable. Once upon a time, I was in charge of development at a software company with one main product. After we did a major release, it was "all hands on deck" for about a month fixing everything that came up. Our customers really appreciated that they could count on a ".1" release, that addressed all significant problems they encountered, to come out quickly.

I was extremely disappointed to see that, even though D7 had lots of known significant problems when it was released (something we did not do), the leadership seemed so quick to "wash its hands" of it, and start on D8. It would have been much more responsible to first ensure that D7 was solid. I was, BTW, a bit incredulous to see how long D7.1 took, and how little was in it. Had the leadership stayed with D7 a couple of months after release, I think it would have been very different.

Even today, with 7.2 almost 6 months after release, I get conflicting opinions from people who've tried it about whether D7 is "ready for prime time." That's really disappointing.

I wish I were able to contribute at this time; until I can, though, I think I am speaking for most users.

Mel (not verified):

I completely agree with you noobee. I made the decision to build my non-profit-organization's new website with D7 as soon as it was released because I figured by the time the site was ready to launch, D7 would have had a few updates to make it a lot more stable then it currently is. After all, Drupal 7 was being so hyped up by Dries that I was sure it would be given just as much attention post-release than pre-release. It might be because I am new to Drupal and open source in general and am unfamiliar with how things work, but it's disappointing to see all the attention on Drupal 8 when Drupal 7 is less then 5 months old and extremely buggy. Hopefully Angela can get it into shape.