FedEx is using Drupal for their news website. Not bad because FedEx is ranked in the top 100 of the Fortune 500. (Hat tip: Jeff Whatcott)


You (not verified):

Looking at the source (specifically, the style sheets loaded), the modules used are:

  • CCK
  • Simplenews
  • Tagadelic
  • Location
  • Devel (?!)

A look at the code also spots the send module.

I guess there will also be others that are not as visible.

Ben J (not verified):

Is this a new site? I wonder because according to the CHANGELOG.txt the site is Drupal 4.7.6.

Todd (not verified):

I notice all the FedEx video are Flow Player, - a big win for Open Media as well as Drupal. Obviously FedEx can afford an Adobe license, but they chose Open Source instead!

Gregg (not verified):

The site looks great especially the template that they're using. Some modules are quite new to me but are they going to share it to the Drupal community since they're using an Open Source solution?