Drupal continues to rock the newspaper and magazine world. Femina, a women's magazine, recently switched to Drupal. Femina is owned by Edipresse, one of Europe's biggest media and communications companies. They publish more than 200 titles, including some leading European newspapers (i.e. Le Matin, Le Temps, 24 heures).

Edipresse is known to use eZ publish for many of the group's websites. In fact, Femina used to run on eZ publish as well. I don't know the details but maybe more Edipresse websites will be Drupal-ized?



heather (not verified):

Really timely link! Thank you.

I am gathering information on Drupal to convince a skeptical group that Drupal is the best option for a membership-based association.

And the other CMS they have most seriously considered is eZ publish ... Nice to see someone who switched. I wish I could ask them why ... hmm ...

See you in Szeged! ;)

Duvivier pierre jean (not verified):

I am in charge of the technical development at Edipresse.

What I can tell you is that we will produce more website with Drupal.

Drupal is for us a very good CMS and we will try to build more complex websites with it!

My best regards.