I just got back from the Fields in core code sprint at Acquia that I helped organize. Our participants all had the same goal for this five-day sprint: get CCK functionality into Drupal 7. The participants were Yves (CCK maintainer), Karen (CCK maintainer), Barry Jaspan (CCK contributor), Moshe Weitzman, David Strauss, Florian Loretan, Károly Négyesi, David Rothstein and myself.

It was a very productive week. For 14 hours a day, we discussed CCK, aligned our visions, tackled important design questions, wrestled with terminology, wrote code, and hit some important milestones. We can, for example, "field-enable" any object using a clean API. As a prototype, we've field-enabled both users and nodes. While the new Fields API isn't in core yet, a lot of progress has been made and I'm confident that we'll get something in core soon. Work continues now we're all home. To learn more about the current status, or to help drive this home, please consult the fields in core group. Expect to see more detailed and technical write-ups from participants to appear within the next couple of weeks.

Fields in core code sprint
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All things considered, this sprint was a big success, and I'm now toying with organizing a "drupal.org upgrade" sprint at Acquia during the last week of January. The goal would be to upgrade drupal.org from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6, and make progress on the drupal.org redesign work. Is anyone interested in participating in or helping fund this sprint? If so, more soon.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped make the fields in core code sprint a success, and give a special mention to:

  • Yves, Karen, Barry, Moshe, David, Florian, and Karoly for their time and energy -- and for putting up with the jet lags and snow blizzards.
  • Everyone who provided remote help.
  • Four Kitchens for paying for David and providing Karoly and Florian accommodation.
  • Acquia for hosting the sprint and for donating Barry's time (as well as some of mine).
  • Our 146 sponsors -- only by all of us bringing a small piece to the table have we been able to pull this off. Together we were able to raise $5,682 USD to support our Fields In Core sprint. Special thanks to Chapter Three, LLC and Gravitek Labs for donating $500 USD each.
  • And, special thanks to Pieter De Clercq, who sold his Guitar Hero 3 game and donated the money to this code sprint. Respect!


betz (not verified):

Woehoeew! Looking forward to drupal 7 ;)

Derek (dww) Wright (not verified):

Count me in for the drupal.org upgrade sprint. That's exactly what we need, and I'd be available during that time. However, given Boston Blizzards and the end of January, maybe we could find a more hospitable location? ;)

Itkovian (not verified):

I think that you should record these sprint sessions in some format, as it might help beginning Drupal contributors to get a feeling of how things can be done, and what decisions people have made when tackling problems. It can show the problems, the discussion can provide insight into both good coding and Drupal design considerations.

I am not sure what the format might be for such a recording, as you want to filter out the lesser important stuff. Perhaps a documented transcript of checked in code versions can be a start, although that would demand some extra effort of the sprint participants.

Damien Tournoud (not verified):

DrupalCamp Cologne is scheduled on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18. There will be some great Drupal folks gathered there.

Why not doing the sprint during and just after the event? AF83 is ready to help organize and sponsor the event!

Damien Tournoud

Ryan Price (not verified):

I hope my donation helped. I can't wait to be able to add fields to users, taxonomy terms, and perhaps menu items in the same way as nodes with CCK.

I would love to participate in a Drupal.org sprint, but what will the cost be? Will there be another round of fundraising?

Jay Wolf (not verified):

I would love to to participate in the d.o upgrade sprint.

I can definitely help in the area of theme upgrade from d5 to d6 and anything theme/markup/css related.

I live not far from the Acquia office and don't mind trekking through snow to be there.

Darren Mothersele (not verified):

Excellent news that you can now field-enable any object.

Does that mean we will soon have a clean way to add fields to Comments?

Furthermore, does adding fields to Users do away with the need for the profile or content_profile modules?