A day or so ago, Mollom blocked its fifty-millionth spam attempt, reaching another milestone in a list that is expanding with increasing frequency. After all, it was only a little over two months ago (on January 28th) that we reached twenty-five million, about six months ago (on October 6th) that we reached ten million, and about a year ago (on March 31, 2008) that Benjamin and I began Mollom.

According to our scorecard, we're currently protecting over 7,000 websites from comment spam, with an average efficiency of 99.95%. Only 5 in every 10,000 spam messages slip past our filters, and even that small number continues to fall as Mollom's accuracy improves. Around 85% of all the messages processed by Mollom are spam.

Even though we're still a small company by all standards, we're proud of what we've done to help stem the spread of comment spam. The Mollom download page features plugins for five different CMS's (including Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, Radiant, and SilverStripe), and seven different developer libraries (including Java, PHP5, Ruby, Python, ColdFusion, .NET, and the Zend Framework). Our pricing page describes our current product offerings, and our exciting new Software Partners page describes a few special partnerships we've formed to help supercharge your Mollom experience.

Fifty million is a big number, but we're just getting started. More to come!


Dries Knapen (not verified):

Congratulations! Fifty million really is a big number.

Just one thought: according to your scorecard, you are now protecting 7322 sites. According to the usage statistics of mollom.module (https://www.drupal.org/project/usage/mollom), at least 7313 of those are Drupal sites (and these stats are from March 29th).

Does that really mean that the Joomla! et al. plugins are only being used once or twice? If these number are correct, and you are in fact only protecting 10 or so non-Drupal sites, this looks like the real challenge to secure the future of Mollom.

Good luck!


There is a mismatch between our definitions of 'active users' which might (or might not) explain this.

  • According to mollom.com, out of the 7300 active Mollom users, 6400 (88%) are using Drupal. A user is considered to be active when they made at least one XML-RPC request to Mollom in the last 30 days.
  • According to drupal.org, a site is a Mollom user when they have the Mollom module installed, regardless of XML-RPC requests being made.
Senpai (not verified):

Awesome news, congrats Dries! Of course, out of those fifty million attempts, at least 100 of them were mine during the early days of g.d.o tryouts. Heck, from now on I'm going to claim that I helped train the baby Mollom, before it grew up! ;)

Srsly, congrats! And Knappen is right. Gotta expand the walls of open-source proprietary-ness.

Mike Johnston (not verified):

Another amazing milestone Dries, congratulations. You guys have done an outstanding job on it. Thank you for keeping CMS Critic free from spam since we implemented Mollom.