I have agreed to speak at Drupal Downunder, to be held in Australia on January 22 and 23, 2011. In addition to delivering a presentation, I hope to pick out a 'Crocodile Dundee hat' (minus the croc teeth). It could be a new, alternative look for me.

Given that Australia is pretty much located on the other side of the world, I figure I would use this opportunity to literally fly around the world, making a couple of stops along the way. I'd like to meet more of the Drupal community on this voyage, especially people I haven't met yet or in places where I've not yet visited. I can only pick 2-4 cities to stop but places like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Bejing, Dubai, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Moscow and Munich come to mind. I'm open to other suggestions.

I will book my "around the world ticket" in the next month or two. So, if you are organizing a Drupal Camp or a Drupal meet-up during the last week of January 2011 let me know. I’ll see if I can make a stop in your town.


miles (not verified):

Good timing with the post. Barcamp Bangkok is happening in a couple weeks and will be a perfect opportunity to start hatching a plot to bring you to Thailand. :)

Javier (not verified):

Look forward to you visiting Argentina :-)

Javier (not verified):

We promise great beer and lot of Drupal talk :-)

BebopDesigner (not verified):

Brilliant! We'd love to have you in San José, Costa Rica

Patrick Hayes (not verified):

I'm about to do a bunch of flying for Drupal work. It would be a cool idea to collectively, as a community, do carbon-offsets. Perhaps I'll start a website. DrupalCarbonOffests.com ?? Anyone else interested in this?

Zohar Stolar (not verified):

Yo Dries!

Tel Aviv, and it's holy sister Jerusalem, are waiting for your visit. We're planning a Drupal camp around these dates exactly, so this fits perfectly :)

Give me a buzz if you choose to stop by here!

Eduardo Coll (not verified):

Come to Argentina!!! A lot of Drupal developers will love your visit!

mburak (not verified):

Argentine wines and girls are waiting for you in Buenos Aires!

Ignacio (not verified):

Definitely Buenos Aires will welcome you with beer and drupal.

gustavo (not verified):

You will be more than welcome in Buenos Aires.

hunvreus (not verified):

Come by Shanghai and meet with the Chinese community; we were planning on having a slightly bigger event at the beginning of 2011 and that could be a great opportunity to do so.

Anonymous (not verified):

look forward to making a vist to Beijing.

Michela (not verified):

Drupal Camp Latino, December, Lima, Perú. :)

Yannick Warnier (not verified):

If you're around Latin America in December, it's definitely worth coming to Lima for a visit at Drupal Camp Latino.
Plus the weather is not too bad to go see Machu Picchu, plus they just published the discovery of new extensions to Machu Picchu... be the first to go (still dangerous, with poisonous snakes and all)! :-)

dalin (not verified):

Well if you are travelling from Australia to anywhere in Asia there's a high probability that you'll be coming through Hong Kong. The HK group has never planned anything that far in advance before, but we'd love to have you.

Mel (not verified):

The Drupal community here in Australia are happy you are coming. Make sure you set aside a few days for sightseeing and photography. It's beautiful out here.

lang (not verified):

Bangkok is a the best place. Other people (from KH, China) are easy to come to meet you. BTW, fly from Shanghai to Bangkok is cheapter than fly from Beijing to Shanghai.

Anonymous (not verified):

welcome to Beijing, It is china capital, there are many drupaler in beijing

Edouard de Sai… (not verified):

Hi Dries,

Coming to Shanghai would be a great idea! There is a growing community of Drupalers here (both foreigners and Chinese) and we have been taking on the great challenge of Drupalizing China. :)

Shanghai is one of the most rapidly developing business centers in Asia, and the web development scene is growing in numbers every day. Drupal has only recently started gaining momentum in China and this is what makes things the most interesting and exciting. We would really benefit from your presence to push the Chinese community in the right/Drupal direction.

Several companies in China and in near-by countries have already engaged themselves in Drupal community development. Since it has been founded (2007), our company (Davyin) is dedicated to developing websites based (only) on Drupal for the Chinese and Asian market. Having grown to a more mature stage (15 developpers only working on Drupal, 25+ people total, acquia membership in process), we're looking to take a step forward by organizing Drupal events in the local community to promote Drupal.

We have been thinking about this for a long time already and were planning on organizing an event in Shanghai with Drupal companies and Drupal developers from all over Southeast Asia. This idea was recently settled with the release of Drupal 7 beta 1. After reading your post we were thrilled by the perspective of having you here at such an event and immediately thought about the possibility of coordinating your visit to Shanghai and perhaps your participation to this event which would represent so much to the Chinese Drupal community.

We have taken part to Drupal barcamps in China but wanted to aim at a bigger event for the release of Drupal 7 which should definitely spread awareness and promote Drupal more effectively to the Chinese community.

We sincerely wish you will find this idea appealing and would be able to squeeze it in your schedule which must be amazingly busy.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we will be delighted to discuss this opportunity of meeting you and hear your potential ideas/suggestions.

Cheers, Ed

Adofoli Edem Frank (not verified):

I can't describe the joy, the Drupal Community here in Ghana will have to host you here in Accra, Ghana. That will be a perfect time for us to meet you, Also to have you as a Speaker on the coming Drupal Seminar around the country starting early January.

We will love to hear from you, if we will be lucky to have you as a speaker for the coming event.


Joyita (not verified):

Would be nice to come to Latin DrupalCamp on 3 and 4 December, will be in Lima Peru, we will pay the accommodation, not to be missed!
We will be very happy to have you here.

Khalid (not verified):

Of the above list, I have been to Istanbul and Dubai.

Istanbul is fabulous in September. The weather is just right, the scenery, history, museum, food, all are amazing. In two visits, each of them 8 days we barely visited the important landmarks. There is so much to see there.

Dubai is a different animal. Though totally artificial and too new, as an urban jungle it stands out. Also, you will see tens of languages and cultures in just one day of being there. The malls are the biggest attraction, and perhaps a beach too.

Khaled (not verified):

Damascus - Syria, we are planing many meetups in the next months, and visiting us will be a great opportunity to get Drupalers from all MENA area, and Turkey too.

Lior (not verified):

+10 for tel aviv
We hope to have a 150+ event there are several big web companies building sites in drupal yet not involved in The community.
Having a few "celebs" come over will help convert them to full fledged community members.
Hopefully we can have additional international drupal figures attend and start with a big bang.
Shlomi, Zohar Amitay(bu) and many others would love to host you and the others...
hope to See you in Januar...

Wei Wang Zhao (not verified):

+1 for Shanghai, you should come, it is an amazing City and China is a big country!
Hope to see you here