I received a free copy of the Forrester report that compares blogging platforms (including Drupal). Thanks Forrester!

The report is concise: it presents the final results of their comparison and formulates platform-independent recommendations for IT managers. Very useful but free of (interesting) details and nuances.

Fifteen pages, 995 USD, freed from many worries ... add to cart.

Forrester report
Forrester report
Forrester report


bertboerland (not verified):

I am not a big fan of the "independent research firms". Unfortunately "People In Charge" do care. Wich is odd, since they pay for hearing their own truth. First they (and other CEO's) get interviewed by the researchers, then they pay to hear their own words echo-ed.

And 1k euro for 15 pages is absurd, any CEO should ask external consultants, internal technies, define some criteria, test some systems in a PoC and go for it.

Either way, nice of them to send you a copy.

Hans (not verified):

Though it may seem absurd, the cost of asking external consultant, asking 'outsourced indian' internal techies and setting up a PoC through the preferred IT vendor vastly exceeds the 1k.

That doesn't mean it isn't a better way to do it though.


Suresh Madhavan (not verified):

So what is being done to address the point about the interface being hard to use?


Various things ranging from usability studies to retooling administration pages.