I'll be talking about Drupal at FOSDEM this year. FOSDEM, which stands for Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting, will take place in Brussels (Belgium) on February 24 and 25.

I got a last-minute invitation because Joe Hewitt from Firebug won't be able to make it. As an avid Firebug user, I find that quite bummer.

The title of my presentation will be "Why Drupal is the answer, regardless of your question". If you have pressing questions that you want me to answer in the presentation (whose answer is "Drupal") or suggestions for topics to cover, let me know in the comments.


mfer (not verified):

When your done, if you could post the presentation that would be very much appreciated.

Drupal is well known to be a great CMS. There is plenty of praise for it in that area. But, what about building sites like a document reviewer system? Or, an employee training records system?

I am trying to think of more of the corporate uses outside of a standard website. I think drupal used in cases outside what is normally known for would be eye opening for many.

Peter Dedecker (not verified):

Maybe a little talk about distributions and a demo covering "Drupal for student boards", including support for activities, accounting,... would be nice. This stuff isn't only useful for student councils, but it's a nice example.

Joeri Poesen (not verified):

Hey Dries, looking forward to seeing you talk Sunday.

An organization we want to implement Drupal for is reluctant because they kept getting hacked when they were still using their former open source system (postnuke).

Maybe you could say a few words on how the problem of application security is handled in the Drupal project? The steps you take regarding crucial bug fixes, advisories, etc. Maybe some notes on how Drupal's security compares with other systems?