Last week at DrupalCon Paris, we announced Acquia Hosting, a highly available cloud-based hosting platform tuned for Drupal performance and scalability. Technical details can be found in my announcement blog post.

Today, we are happy to announce that we'll start to provide free Acquia Hosting accounts to not for profit sites dedicated to promoting the adoption and usage of Drupal. For example, DrupalCamp websites and local Drupal user group websites would qualify for free Acquia Hosting. The program starts in October or November, but you can sign-up now if you have a site that qualifies.

In exchange for free hosting, we require that the footer section of each page displays "Hosted by Acquia", and that an Acquia logo is displayed somewhere on your homepage.

If your site meets the above criterion, and you wish to enroll in Acquia’s Free Hosting program, you can sign up and we'll let you know when we are ready to host your site.


cloneofsnake (not verified):

I'm an admin of the HKDUG, and we had been talking about getting our own server for ages! This is great news! Drupal usage is still kinda weak in Asia, and we're hoping to help spread the knowledge! I'm living in Japan now and actively trying to get the same thing started here! With the help of Acquia, we can build a much more organized Asian Drupalrs community! This is going to be great!!

Patrick (not verified):

Do you foresee something for the not for profit, low profile but not about Drupal web sites? I am currently hosting such sites with 110mb but am disappointed by the non reliable aspect of it. Does being one of your compatriots change something to the potential deal? ;-)