Gregory Lienard from sent me unsolicited e-mail trying to sell me their iPower content management system. Funny!

Technologic be spam


bertboerland (not verified):

Personalized in mail, not in targeted audience one would say.

For the non Dutch speaking audience, it goes something like this:

Dear Dries Buytaert

Are you struggling with keeping your website up to date? Do you pay to much for recurring updates?

xyz developed specially for a user friendly program so you can keep your site up to date yourself. This way you don't have to pay for a web developer. Make the changes on your website yourself when you would like to with a program that is user-friendly.

National and international is xyz known by its product xyz. Amongst others xyz, xyz en xyz use the xyz service.

Enter our contest and win a complete new website. Or, a complete redesign of your current website with the ability to make changes yourself! Click here for more information.

Kind regards,



I like the "click here", so 90-ies. :-)

timothyp (not verified):

Wat een blooper. :) Straks is hun systeem nog gebaseerd op Drupal. :p

Viol8or (not verified):

SUPER. Misschien moet je toch maar eens kijken wat ze te bieden hebben ... ze weten goed met whitespace om te gaan ... ok, I'm kidding here :)

Ongelooflijk dat sommige bedrijven nog zo te werk gaan, en dan nog geen beetje voorstudie doen ook!

Itkovian (not verified):

From their webpage: "Technologic nv, a young and dynamic Internet company, has been specialising in the development of dynamic websites for years." Am I the only one seeing a contradiction here?

They probably look at high-rated websites and then spam the owners. Sad. I wonder if their technology includes a contact-spam filter :-)