I'm proud to announce Acquia's newest member of the team, the LEGO Druplicon, courtesy of DataFlow (now ONE Agency). It all started on a hot August day at DrupalCon Munich. On that day, I stopped by DataFlow's booth to look at this amazing piece of art. Obviously I am a bit partial to the Druplicon and the innovative and creative ways people around the world are creating branding for Drupal.

Little did I know some lucky DrupalCon attendee was going to win the Druplicon by guessing how many bricks DataFlow used to build it. After asking a couple of questions, such as “Is it a solid structure or hollow?”, I entered my guess (along with 94 other Drupalists). My mathematical equation brought me to the answer of 12,222 blocks, which was 9 blocks over the correct number of 12,213. I won!

DataFlow went to great lengths to ship the delicate, yet massive structure from Belgium to the United States. After contacting numerous courier companies and hearing the Druplicon needed a special Visa, VAT and insurance documents, as well as it needed to be fumigated (sigh, it's just LEGOs), they found one company that was willing to take on the task. About a month and half later, a pallet jack wheeled into our office and dropped off a 4 foot crate.

Unfortunately due to my travel schedule I wasn't able to open the crate for about a week, which created quite the buzz around the office. We had to schedule the unveiling and make sure we had a crowbar and hammer on hand to open it. Coincidentally this was on my birthday, so it was quite the gift!

I'm happy to report that the 12,213 LEGO Drupalicon made it intact (just a few pieces came loose) due to the wonderful packing material of Belgian toilet paper! I probably don't have to buy toilet paper for a year now. :-)

Lego druplicon
Lego druplicon
Lego druplicon
Lego druplicon
Lego druplicon
Lego druplicon

A huge thanks goes out to DataFlow who spent the time replicating the Druplicon in LEGOs, as well as shipping it over the Atlantic. We are in the process of finding a permanent spot for it in the Acquia office, so it's on display for everyone to see.


Gijs (not verified):

When we found out you were the one to win the Druplicon we figured we would be getting a lot of questions on our "objectivity". The thing is: you were really the closest one.

Coincidence or just very smart ? Chances were almost 1% though, how's that for a lottery ?

davexoxide (not verified):

That's awesome. Do you know if they commissioned the piece to be built or did it in-house? And I have to ask how long it took you to estimate such a close number?

Janne (not verified):

When putting it on display, remember to protect it from UV rays. White legos turn yellowish when exposed to sunlight.

Anthony Pero (not verified):

That's pretty cool. Almost as cool as if it was a Death Star. Hmmm... A drupalicon-death star mashup... made of legos...

pepperstreet (not verified):

Love it! I wish I had my own. Somehow, it reminds me on Lego StarWars DeathStar in blue ;-) Great work and present. You are lucky guys!

best regards,
(42-aged retired lego-maniac)

Daglees (not verified):

Lovely piece of art! I'd love to get one of those.