The summer is off to a great start again. Google just announced that they will sponsor 18 Drupal developer stipends in this year's Summer of Code program (SoC). Google provides a stipend of 5,000 USD to each student developer, of which 4,500 USD goes to the student and 500 USD goes to Drupal Association (or to the mentors). With 18 accepted applications this adds up to a 90,000 USD investment over a three-month period. In addition to Drupal, they are supporting a ton of other Open Source projects, including PHP, which Drupal heavily depends on.

The accepted students, their projects, and the mentors are listed on the official announcement. Congratulations to all successful applicants, and thanks to the Drupal Summer of Code organizers, the Drupal mentors, and last but not least, Google. Awesome!


dougvann (not verified):

SWEET! Another successful beginning to GSoC!

This is continuing indication of the staying power and effectiveness of Drupal. I discovered Drupal 16 months ago and now I make a living with it. Google has known for some time that Drupal is worth investing in.

The WhiteHouse with their also sees the value.

My clients see the value.

Major corporations, institutions, Universities, publishers, governments, and individuals see the value.

If Drupal were a stock I would say BUY BUY BUY!
OK... I'm getting too excited...

Doug Vann

Darren Huckey (not verified):

Congrats, Dries! You've done an incredible thing for us all with Drupal. My testimony is similar to dougvann in that after I discovered Drupal about 20 months ago, I have made it my primary means of earning my livelihood. Looking forward to what's ahead. Blessings from the US.

Frederick (not verified):

As a small businessperson I can certainly appreciate an open-source CMS movement and I am glad to see Google is helping out. A small Web site with a targeted customer group, for example criminal law in Mesa Arizona, usually goes with a Web hosting company that does most of the updates for them, but then you run into the problem - although it's easy to use, it's so "idiot-proof" that the business owner cannot do much to the site, which is frustrating.