Today, five years ago, Drupal 1.0.0 was released! The following snippet is taken directly from the original announcement:

Today, announces the release of drupal 1.00 after an extensive period of testing. Drupal is a full-featured content management/discussion engine using Apache/PHP/MySQL and suitable to setup a news-driven community or portal site similar to and Current features include discussion forums, web-based administration, theme support, an open submission queue, content management, a modularized design, PHP sessions, user management with access control and username/profanity/hostname filters, error logging, a public diary module, an affiliate site module, backend/headline generation (RSS/RDF) and much more.

To celebrate the event, Karlijn and I made you a cake:

Step 1: buy the ingredients.
Step 2: bake a regular cake. It should be round because this will become Druplicon's face ...
Step 3: flatten the cake by cutting off the top.
Step 4: take off the top.
Step 5: create Druplicon-hair out of the top (you know, the thingy that sticks out of his head).
Step 6: put the cake and the hair together.
Step 7: unpack the m&m's. You'll want lots of those ...
Step 8: filter out all the blue ones (by eating the other ones).
Step 9: take sugar, butter, cream, and genuine Belgian white chocolate to make frosting.
Step 10: melt butter and chocolate 'au bain marie'. Add cream and sugar to complete the frosting.
Step 11: pour the frosting over the cake.
Step 12: put the blue m&m's on the cake. We used a piece of paper to get the eyes right.
Step 13: that's it! Happy birthday Drupal!


Andy Georges (not verified):

Well, I've more faith in her cooking skills than in yours, I must admit. So I guess the part you did was to filter the M&M's eh?

BTW, are you bringing a piece of this to work?

Boris Mann (not verified):

Yeah, this is an annoying comment to make here. I re-posted the photo to Bryght with congrats to Drupal, which I hope is OK. Need to indicate what license your photos here are under...

Happy Birthday, Drupal, and congrats to Karlijn for putting up with the "blue guy" for another year :P

Mark Shropshire (not verified):

That is the best use of blue m&m's I have ever seen :)

Tina (not verified):

Step 8 is the best," filter out all the blue ones (by eating the other ones)."

underpressure (not verified):

I noticed you scorched the outside of the cake a bit and didn't melt the frosting thru hehehehe still looks great.

If i send you my address in Guyana, South America will you FedEx / DHL me a slice??? ;)

best CMS i ever used


Kevin Schultz (not verified):

Yay :) :) :) Drupal cake. I am drooling.

Dolly (not verified):

It's really pretty.I think it must be delicious......

Liza (not verified):

Next time you need help "filtering", I'm in! ;-)

SEO Position (not verified):

Hi Dries, I missed posting this story a while back, but I wanted to wish Drupal many more "sweet" birthdays! We're on track to contribute more to Drupal this year (2007), so I'm glad to be a part of such a wonderful growing CMS community.

All the Best!