Happy ninth birthday
© Jamey Boje (aka graphicsguru)

Exactly nine years ago, I released Drupal 1.0.0. When I shared my hobby project with the world, I expected no more than a dozen people to actually use it. It took a large community of people to make Drupal successful, but today, Drupal has hundreds of thousands of friends. Thank you to everyone who has been and is contributing to Drupal. Rock!


dddave (not verified):

You can be proud to have brought something "good" into this world.
The community can be proud to constantly add to this "good".

Svilen Sabev (not verified):

Happy Birthday Drupal and congratulations to you also Dries.
I remember this date because I also have a birthday today and as a Drupal developer I know that Drupal is growing every year and is changing for better.

Keep it solid.

Therese (not verified):

Portland State University sends birthday greetings to the Drupal community. We've got 130 sites and counting running on a single Drupal multi-site instance, so we're especially appreciative of your exceptional life-to-date. Cheers!

sweo (not verified):

Also from me, Happy Birthday Drupal and many thanks to you Dries for sharing your knowledge with the community and build the first version of this beautiful framework.

Hopefully we will celebrate 10.drupal birthday together with a stable Drupal 7. :)

runeveryday (not verified):

Happy 9th Birthday Drupal!Long live Drupal.

JazzMike (not verified):

You made a brilliant product.
So you should be Proud.

lu4ever (not verified):

Happy Birthday Drupal! I love Drupal, and Dries Buytaert too!