Today, six years ago, Drupal 1.0.0 was released! The following snippet is taken directly from the original announcement:

Today, announces the release of drupal 1.00 after an extensive period of testing. Drupal is a full-featured content management/discussion engine using Apache/PHP/MySQL and suitable to setup a news-driven community or portal site similar to and Current features include discussion forums, web-based administration, theme support, an open submission queue, content management, a modularized design, PHP sessions, user management with access control and username/profanity/hostname filters, error logging, a public diary module, an affiliate site module, backend/headline generation (RSS/RDF) and much more.

To celebrate the event, Karlijn and I made you some cookies:

Step 1: buy the tools and the ingredients to make the cookies of your choice. Could be peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies or sugar cookies as long there is room for custom frosting.
Step 2: unpack the ingredients.
Step 3: mix all the ingredients as you would normally do.
Step 5: bend a metal ring so it takes the shape of Druplicon (the Drupal logo).
Step 6: cut Druplicons in dough using our Druplicon cookie cutter.
Step 7: take out the Druplicon shaped dough.
Step 8: put the Druplicon dough in the oven. That's my "DrupalCon Brussels" t-shirt reflecting in the oven's cover glass.
Step 9: take the cookies out of the oven.
Step 10: mix the frosting with blue food coloring.
Step 11: dip the cookies into the frosting.
Step 12: dip the cookies in the frosting.
Step 13: that's it! Happy birthday Drupal!


Stephen (not verified):

Happy 6th Birthday Drupal!

Thank you so much for the hard work you have done Dries. It really is appreciated by all in the community. Still hoping of a birthday present of the 5.0 release today ...

If only we could download a cookie they do look good. :)

bertboerland (not verified):

Happy Bday Drupal! You are growing up fast and have been very good to us. Good Druplicon, you deserve a cookie!

What will Dries be backing next? And I don't mean the Druplicon shaped Oliebollen in one year but between now and 15/1/07?

Steven (not verified):

Haha Bert, and more important, does the color of the icing reveal something more or does the Druplicon needs to change color then?

A proud uncle!

Hagen (not verified):

Happy Birthday from me too to you and the Drupal community and thank you for the nice cookie pics. They look very tasty.

Do we get a big pizza next year? :-)

Eric (not verified):

Happy Birthday Drupal! Dires fantastic work over these years. It is really growing nicely. When I turned 6 I started taking Spanish classes - I think Drupal is going to be in a great place this year to be a fluent multilingual system and ready for what every language someone wants to through at it :)

BioALIEN (not verified):

Happy Birthday + New Year + Well done Dries and all the developers involved. It was a long and difficult road. But well worth it.

Enjoy the cookies. :)

Anonymous (not verified):

Waar zijn die lekker Drupal-koekjes te verkrijgen? Ze zien er heerlijk uit -- wil ze wel eens proeven ...

RobRoy (not verified):

Hahaha, that was pretty good -hgn-. Zinger!

chill35 (not verified):

Oh, that is so cute!!!

Thank you Dries! Thank you Karlijn! For the cookies and all the hard work that went into making these cookies and Drupal!

Love the step by step instructions! Wish there was more pictures in the Drupal documentation... he he he

But why low-fat butter?


Walt Esquivel (not verified):

A big THANKS to Dries and Karlijn for the delicious cookies! Wow, they were great ... I mean, they LOOK great! :)

And Dries - thanks for all the time, effort, and energy spent on Drupal.

Chris Bryant (not verified):

Thank you Dries for creating a such a brilliant CMS sharing it with the world. Thank you to all the developers and members of the community that have made this happen.

Looking forward to the bright future ahead!

Mien (not verified):

Wanneer moet ik die koekjes juist komen opeten ? ;)

BrettFromTibet (not verified):

Thank you for Drupal, Dries! As a new web developer, your great work makes it a million times easier for me!

Khalid (not verified):

Congratulations and happy birthday to Dries, Karlijn, and all of us.

Side note: I thought the bilingual labels in Canada (English and French) are peculiar, but now that I see FOUR languages on the blue coloring bottle, I am floored ...

Anonymous (not verified):

Drupal, where have you been all my life?

I've been researching CMSs for 6 months now looking to use it for our college student association site. I looked at Xoops, Joomla, and could find anything that was good/smart/flexible enough without having to start coding a bunch of php. I even started learning Ruby on Rails to just start from scratch.

Then I came across an article about the CMS awards on the xoops site. It said that Joomla won by a tie breaker over Drupal. Somehow this new possibility escaped me til now, and I loving it! Good work, and I think you all should have won hands down (not sure if they were looking at 5.0).

Frank Carey

JB (not verified):

Happy Birthday Drupal. Dries, excellent work, and thanks.