I recently learned about the fact that the Berkman Center for Internet and Society is using Drupal. The Berkman Center for Internet and Society is a research center founded at Harvard Law School whose fellows included internet gurus like David Weinberger, John Perry Barlow, Dave Winer, Jimmy Wales, Doc Searls and many more.

Berkman center

Other notable Drupal sites at Harvard are the website of the Science and Engineering department, the website of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (they aim to solve major problems that affect society and the well-being of human populations), the website of Initiative in Innovative Computing (a center of expertise in solving very difficult computing problems), and last but not least Harvard Magazine (a magazine that keeps 240,000 alumni connected to the university). Harvard Magazine is also using Mollom.


Susan MacPhee (not verified):


Since the comment list is coming from a lot of Boston locals, heads up that a major Drupal event is happening on June 13-14 2009 at MIT.

I know some Berkman friends are planning to attend.

Hope to you can attend too and present work from some of the above sites.


Susan MacPhee
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Anonymous (not verified):

Several well designed sites there, but I find the BCIS's website a bit difficult to read without being able to point out exactly why. I think it has something to do with the top section.