Dries Buytaert

Help needed: what is Drupal?

In my upcoming DrupalCon keynote, I'd like to talk a bit about "What is Drupal?". It means something different for all of us. As an experiment, I'd love for each of you to describe, in one short sentence, what Drupal is for you. It would be great if you did a short 10-15 second video, but you can also leave a comment on this post. Be honest, be smart, be funny or wicked creative ... all submissions welcome!

When you do, please leave your name and role (developer, designer, end-user, etc) so I can give credit where credit is due. Fill out the e-mail field and I may follow up with you for additional comments. Please keep it short and succinct. The more submissions the better, so help spread the word and invite others to participate. Maybe even hit the streets with a camera and ask a few random people "What is Drupal?". All help and all submissions welcome.

(Don't worry if you don't see your comment right away. I might leave your feedback sitting in my comment moderation queue for a bit so you don't influence each other too much.)

— Dries Buytaert

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