Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton announced today that she'll embark on a campaign to become the first female president of the United States. And do you know what? Her supporters made her a Drupal campaign website already. Yay!

Hillary clinton
A screenshot of Hillary Clinton's campaign website at


bohemicus (not verified):

After Howard Dean, it seems that Drupal is having a profound influence on US politics. There's also the Draft Obama website that runs on Drupal: And on a hunch, I went a checked one of the other candidates and lo and behold Drupal: Three out of three. Not bad. Also looked at some of the Republican candidates but no Drupal there.

growthflex (not verified):

hi your answer is correct but i dont know how much thgat is correct.....

media girl (not verified):

A correction ... from the footer:

This site is not paid for or authorized by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Paid for by the Hillary Clinton for President Committee.

Her official site is ... To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the difference is, except that one is running Drupal and the other takes forever for pages to load.


You're right. Not sure how I missed that but thanks for the correction, mediagirl. I've updated my original post.

Jim Jordan (not verified):

Shouldn't the title be something more like "Hillary Clinton's supporters use Drupal"?

Or were you dodging bullets with her in Bosnia too? :)

David Geilhufe (not verified):

And both the Clinton site and Draftobama are making good use of CiviCRM ( to drive newsletters sign ups and collecting CRM data on registration.

Hopefully they will also find use for the online contributions and email marketing capabilities.

Bart Braem (not verified):

Incredible, look at Belgian political parties. Almost all of them used Drupal. It would be worth making a list! Remarkably, when Drupal is not used almost always another open source program is used. These elections must cost a lot...

Obama (not verified):

There was an article on techcrunch that explained what Barack Obama is using for his social networking, and it isn't Drupal like Khalid says... but something by Blue State Digital.

In the past couple months, I've noticed several other candidates employing their own look alike versions. I saw another article that showed what servers the dems and re GOP are running, and it was a pretty fascinating article that I can't remember exactly where it was, but basically, the republicans are VERY heavily using windows servers while democrats are almost solely using linux.

Coincidence? It brings up a few interesting thoughts at least.

Locke (not verified):

I think Drupal is getting more and more influence in the social activity.
I used to create websites with Joomla but I will try Drupal, nice to see that Hillary Clinton is using it, has to be quite a good content management system to handle her campaign with Drupal.

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