We're about to launch a new add-on product in private beta at Mollom. That new product is effectively a "hosted moderation interface". Our goals are to:

  1. Provide an optimized and intelligent moderation interface -- sort and bulk moderate comments by spam score, profanity content and more.
  2. Make it easier to moderate multiple websites -- moderate all your sites from a single, unified moderation interface.
  3. Make it easier to support moderation teams -- create moderation teams, define their workflows and track the performance of individual team members.
  4. Provide moderation as a service -- seamlessly outsource the moderation of your site fully or partially to a dedicated team.

The product is a work in progress, but we believe we'll soon be able to accept a limited number of private beta test users. If you're interested in being an early beta tester, sign up here or leave a comment on this post.


Kevin (not verified):

Sounds awesome, I'm already very satisfied with Mollom as someone who runs multiple small websites, but would be nice to moderate from one place.