HTML5 is about to rock our world. There are books written about why that is the case, but simply put, it can provide a much better user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and could lead to a convergence between native applications and the mobile web.

I believe in HTML5 enough that I wanted to make it one of the top 5 initiatives for Drupal 8; and switch Drupal's default doctype from XHTML to HTML5. This is the fifth official Drupal 8 initiative after the Configuration Management, Design, Web Services and Multilingual initiatives.

I have asked Jacine Luisi to be the Initiative Owner for the Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative. Jacine is a prolific themer and contributor known to be a markup/CSS nut. I'd also like to recognize Jen Simmons for all her evangelism work on HTML5 in Drupal. I hope that work continues as it can feed into the HTML5 Core Initiative.

The way we'll approach this initiative is by starting off with some of the low-hanging fruit, and gradually work our way up to more advanced parts of the specification. In her announcement blog post, Jacine provides a plan for what that means.

To keep track of what is going on, tune into the core issue queue on issues tagged HTML5 or participate in the HTML5 group. Details will be posted shortly on the core initiative homepage.


Ramon Vilar (not verified):

Wow! This is a very good new!

HTML5 is a requeriment to accomplish the Drupal future and Jacine and Jen Simmons are both the perfect person to own this initiative

Rob (not verified):

This is great news, but I'm wondering what this means for the future of RDF in Drupal Core. Will this present additional challenges, bringing the two together, or has the RDF spec advanced far enough to work well with HMTL5?

G Murray (not verified):

Great news to see that HTML5 is high on the priority list for Drupal 8. There are some exciting and promising things happening under the Drupal Initiative.

Nikos Stylianou (not verified):

This is a good move for this reason… , also didn't we jump through the same loop with desktops, desktop applications were created (just like native mobile apps), and then browsers got better so we put everything into that instead. I've done some work using cache manifest with drupal 6 to take magazine content offline and it worked quite well. This is the mobile site I created ( which in the original prototype I had it working so you had the option to take the content offline and when new content was added you're manifest file would update or give you the option to update (by the way if you tried the mobile link you need to view it on a mobile device due to mobile detection).

Jeff Burnz (not verified):

Congrats Jacine, I am so pleased you have taken on this significant challenge facing Drupal at this time.

I'm really looking forward to the HTML5 Initiative, so well done and give it hell :)

Anonymous (not verified):

Good news. It's important to also to keep in mind RDF, and how to make HTML5 and RDF work together in terms of validation. The last time I checked, W3C is still working on HTML5+RDF.

Lee (not verified):


Today, Microsoft just announced that Windows 8 will come with IE 10, which will be optimized for touch UI. And next version of windows will become unified, no variation between slate and desktop which means apps& programs run the same way on any platforms. They selected HTML5 and JavaScript as main language for app developers! We have the right choice ;) So don't worry about adapted too fast, because it would be around next year that HTML5 & JavaScript will become everywhere because Microsoft move. They even stated "HTML5 & JavaScript era is coming" in a slide I've just seen (somewhere on

The presetation is here:…

In fact, I'm quite shocking to see Microsoft pick HTML5 instead of their propriety language. This will make the world moving very fast, and maybe so fast we may need to double effort in this aspect! Our community need to be informed quickly, so we can prepared for this and stay relevent and competitive. I believe, Drupal will be able to do the same to apps era like what we did to web era now ;)

Usually, I don't really like what this company do, but not this time. Impressive...