Human Rights Watch is using Drupal for their main website

Human Rights Watch is a well-known international organization that advocates freedoms in connection with fundamental human rights, such as freedom of religion and freedom of press. Issues raised by Human Rights Watch include social and gender discrimination, military use of children, political corruption, torture, abuses in criminal justice systems, and more.

They built a stunning Drupal site available in multiple languages. The idealist in me is touched by the strong design and photography, as well as the fact that Drupal helps improve the world a bit. Awesome!

Human rights watch


Usamah (not verified):

This is just great!

Now, in addition to Amnesty International, we have two of the most notable human rights organizations powering their online presence with Drupal.

Drupal is becoming the de facto CMS for world-wide non-profit & avocation organizations as much as it became the de facto CMS for the newspaper & online media industry.

eccesliastic (not verified):

Excellent Drupal Site! I hope they make a write up of how they accomplished such tight integration with their design.

ACM (not verified):

Bit of promotion for a site we recently put live. a citizen journalism site, which although is a for profit, it is helping get stories and images (e.g. Gaza) out to the mass media that might otherwise had not been able to find an audience.

Enrique (not verified):

Hey guys, thanks for the post!

We are more than happy with Drupal behind the web effort.
It is a large implementation. And we are really pleased with the way is working.

Beside the visual design there were some really nice challenges like Migration of Legacy Content, Search Engine, MM content embeded in nodes, etc. Oh, and i18n...yeah!


We will definitively share the way this happened in a more cohesive way.

Hey Dries, if you are in NY, stop by, and we can show you what we do. :-)

See you all in Drupalcon DC!