As you know, I'm no stranger to travel — I flew over 100,000 km in 2010 and over 300,000 km in 2011. But India is one place I haven't visited yet, even though I feel that Drupal's success there is crucial to its worldwide adoption.

Besides having a strong Drupal community, India is one of the world's fastest-growing economies, with great promise to continue its rise for several years. Where a country's economy grows, so grows its need for online solutions. So the opportunities for Drupal there are obvious.

So I'm excited to be visiting this coming month. My schedule is:

  • 7-8 November in Delhi
  • 9-10 November in Mumbai
  • 11 November in Hyderabad

My time will be split between events with the Drupal community, press meetings and private meetings with Acquia partners and customers. I'm grateful for volunteers who have been making plans in the Drupal India group. If you're local and would like to meet, be sure to check in there. Even if we can't meet, I'd especially appreciate Indians' comments of what you hope I know about Drupal in India when my trip is done.


Joe Moraca (not verified):

Get ready for a great time. India is awesome. It will challenge you but I really enjoyed my trip there.

ashish (not verified):

Welcome to india.Hope your visit will be good. Best of luck

Mohanraj Thangarasu (not verified):

Wow! Its a great for Drupal freaks in India. I am gonna pack my things to meet Dries in Hyderabad :)

Hope you will have a wonderful time in India.

venky (not verified):

Mohanraj... watch out for hyd details at

Mohanraj Thangarasu (not verified):

Hi Venky Thanks for the link. Excited to meet you guys

Anonymous (not verified):

Personally i support Drupal. In India less people really aware of it.we have powerful CMS but still some people don't use it reason lack of Education they prefer share point,, we are doing our best to promote Drupal. we did Code Sprint,and celebrated D7 party across India. but your help will be a great contribution. Hopefully we will rock India.
Thanks in advance and welcome to India in Hindi we say swagat hai India me aapka.

Asif (not verified):

Welcome to India Dries.

I am sure, you will enjoy every moment of your trip.

You will get to see different cultures in India, taste variety of foods including hyderabadi biryani. :)

Sumeet Pareek (not verified):

@Dries: This post will go a long way in promoting the 3 back to back drupal camps in India at the time of your visit. Get ready to be literally mobbed!! :-) Check this out -

@Baber Javed: I am sure someday soon Dries will visit Pakistan too. Would it be possible for you and other Drupalers in Pakistan to make it to the Drupal India Delhi Camp !? I would love to use an excuse to visit Pakistan sometime.

Ipsita (not verified):

Welcome Dries. I am sure this is going to be an unique experience for you and you would like to visit India again :)

Vaibhav Jain (not verified):

Welcome to India Dries, see you soon :)

Lalit (not verified):

Oh wow! Indeed a great news.

Excited for your visit to India and looking forward for a chance to meet you up in Delhi.

Best wishes for the trip


Mukesh Agarwal (not verified):

Great news! We really look forward to it. Although your visit is limited to Delhi (north), Mumbai (west) and Hyderabad (south) and you are not visiting any part of the eastern region, we (our entire team) will still come to Mumbai.

Abhishek Kumar (not verified):

Welcome to India Dries. See you in Delhi by 7th November!!!

Goutam Dey (not verified):

Welcome to India. Hope your trip will really help Drupal community to grow in India, now with more pace.

I also wish to consider the eastern part of India in your next visit to India.

Makbul Khan (Pune) (not verified):

Great News!!

Dries we welcome you.
Please make a plan to visit to Pune, India next time.
Lots of developers are working as Drupal developer and would like to listen you.

All the best for trip to INDIA

catch you @ Mumbai

Saheel (not verified):

Yes please next time, please plan for Pune...
It was an absolute pleasure to attend your keynote in Mumbai

Mrugesh (not verified):

Hi Dries,

It was a nice experience to meet with you at IIT Bombay ... And your keynote session was very very good ...