IBM's Internet Technology Group posted the ninth article in their series entitled Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative website. In this article, IBM explains Drupal's database layer, shows module developers how to write portable database code and explains how to install and maintain a module's database schema from one version to another. Last but not least, they show how to add support for their IBM DB2 Express-C database. Sweet!

(Idea: if you are a publisher, get in touch with IBM, and see if you can work with them to make a Drupal book out of their Drupal articles?)


Robert Douglass (not verified):

They are really doing an amazing job of promoting Drupal. Their contribution of a new db layer implementation is fantastic. With the recent availability of Oracle support, and now DB2 Express-c, Drupal has more inroads into the enterprise and other institutions than ever. This is definitely Digg-worthy news.

shaal (not verified):

If IBM's Drupal articles are published under a Creative Common License, it should be easy (and cheap) to gather their articles and publish them in one book through Lulu - a self publishing service.

Renata Phillippi (not verified):

My Dad works for IBM as a DB2 Software Analyst. I forwarded the article to him to see. Would be kind of neat to develop a project together. Although, I am new to Drupal so it may be a while before I can develop to this level.