The website of Bruce Golding, the Prime Minister of Jamaica is using Drupal: see Ya man!
Prime minister jamaica


Anonymous (not verified):

Always knew my countrymen were smart :). I've been using Drupal from 4.7, have built numerous sites with it (almost use it exclusively now). Good to see this development though. We should plan a meetup in the Caribbean one of these days ...

Rohan Smith (f… (not verified):

Jamaica has an active Drupal user group, we try to meet mostly every month. I am proud to see us getting international recognition for this Drupal work. This looks like work from the people who did CITO and other government sites in Jamaica : - specifically Trevor Forrest.

Hope to see this as a positive movement for all Jamaican government websites - because they really DO need a makeover.
See the list here:

Case in point:

Trevor Forrest (not verified):

Glad to see that you noticed guys, I have been on a campaign to move the Government of Jamaica Websites over to the Drupal platform. I was actually Chairperson on the committee that was overseeing this deployment. With that are the other sites that have been deployed in the past year.

The Cabinet office -
The Central Information Technology Office -
The Ministry of Justice - (old Drupal 4.7)

Coming soon
The Ministry of Finance -

And a couple more... stay tuned!

Anonymous (not verified):

Original theme was contracted out by Trevor to Indian developers. Way to go Drupal!

Trevor Forrest (not verified):

Indeed....the original Jamaica Labour Party website theme was contracted out to BPO Canada....some 2 years ago. At that time the site was running Drupal 5.

Since then the theme has been completely redesigned in house by 876 Solutions to be more streamlined and user friendly. And the site is now running Drupal 6.