Dries Buytaert

Jennifer Hodgdon

As the Documentation Team lead, Jennifer "jhodgdon" Hodgdon has done a fantastic job of not only keeping Drupal core's API documentation high-quality and consistent, but also of on-boarding new Drupal core contributors through the "Novice" issue queue.

Since documentation improvement patches are always welcome, and since they are unlikely to break other parts of the system, I'm happy to announce the promotion of Jennifer as a Drupal core co-maintainer for version 7 and 8. Her responsibility will be solely around documentation and code style patches, plus occasional help on "emergency" commits such as a required rollback of an accidental patch commit in order to get our automated test suite passing again.

The hope is that delegating responsibility for documentation and code style patches to Jennifer will help increase the velocity of Drupal 8 development. Not only will documentation changes go in faster, it also allows catch, webchick and myself to focus our time on bigger patches.

Welcome to the core committer team, Jennifer! :-)

— Dries Buytaert