Turns out Jennifer Lopez (aka J. Lo) is using Drupal at http://jenniferlopez.com. Kicking ass. ;-)
Jennifer lopez


BryanSD (not verified):

Sometimes researching content management systems and finding examples for how they are being used is a boring and thankless job. However, what kind of CMS fanatic would I be if I didn't look at such sites. Someone has to do it, right?

I'm glad I have an understanding wife...

nBridges Media (not verified):

It is great to see so many celeb websites uses Drupal. Tells alot about its robutness (or may be they all are using same developer who only knows to use Drupal?)...

In either way, Great work by Drupal community

johny why (not verified):

why is j lo's site "kicking ass", but tori amos' site is "not exactly your cup of tea"? they are almost the exact same layout.

maybe you just think j lo is hotter.