Following hot on the heels of US President Barack Obama, Albert II, King of the Belgians, just relaunched his website on Drupal. Check it out at The site was built by Connexion and Internet Architects.

Belgian monarchy


ahoeben (not verified):

Somewhat offtopic, but I could not help but notice the "belga picture" watermarks all over the place. Not looking too good on the site... Even the King Alpbert II closeup in the header of some pages has a (cropped) watermark in it. Placeholder images?

seutje (not verified):

At last they got rid of that ugly nested-table-layout clusterfuck.

And only with 6 months (?) delay :D

Go Albert, u tha man! (or the second man, w/e)


Ah, I didn't know. I updated the original post to also mention Internet Architects. Thanks Niels.

Hans (not verified):

Dit betekent dat de koning hem ook zelf kan bijhouden - mits hij kan lezen en schrijven uiteraard. (grapje)