Matt Butcher's Learning Drupal 6 module development book an great introduction to begin developing on Drupal. It is not for the die-hard developer, but it looks like a must have for new Drupal developers. Thanks for for putting this book together, Matt!

Book packt drupal6 learning
Book packt drupal6 learning
Book packt drupal6 learning


drawk (not verified):

Hmm, I could have sworn it was the Content Construction Kit. ;)

Congrats on the book Matt!

Matt Butcher (not verified):

Yeah, I seem to have an acronym problem lately. In the same book, I also "mis-expanded" JSON... and had it not been for John Forsythe's astute eye, I would have botched SQL, too.

And Buyer Beware: Dries' pictures make the book look far more aesthetically pleasing than it actually is. Like most books, it's really just black print on white paper. (Though the flower on the front is pretty... for a book on programming.)