Leffe, one of my favorite Belgian abbey beers, is now using Drupal for their main website: http://leffe.com. Cheers to that!



curmudgeon_ (not verified):

Does this mean that Drupal is no longer "Free as in beer?" :-)

Michelle (not verified):

Wonder why you have to enter your birth date to view it?

They also have an error on the page.

Otherwise, very nicely done!


PS: What on Earth is Mollom finding wrong with that?

Erik Ellis (not verified):

Two of my favorite things from different worlds, finally together!

Peter Jaap (not verified):

@Michelle: Dutch and Belgian laws state that every visitor of a site associated with alcohol of any kind has to be a minimum of 16 years of old, complying with the legal drinking age. Also check out www.heineken.nl, www.bavaria.nl, www.hertogjan.nl; they all require you to enter your birthdate.

Anonymous (not verified):

On the opening page I can enter my date of birth as December 20, 2050. Weee.. I'm from the future! xD

Seriously: nice design, good win, some validation errors

bizz_y_bee (not verified):

@Michelle - one has to fill in the birth date so that the legal drinking age can be verified. Its a legal requirement for all alcoholic beverages websites. It is another discussion if users are honest about what they fill in ...

@all - thanks for feedback. we're working on errors, so come back soon. :)