Lifetime Television redesigned using Drupal so check it out at Lifetime Television is a cable television network that caters to women. They produce shows such as Desperate Housewives, The Golden Girls, Frasier and Army Wives.


This is a massive Drupal site with a movie database, television schedule, videos, photos, editor-produced articles, user-produced stories, games, tag clouds, topic-based search, and a pretty perky looking theme.

The site was built with the help of the infamous Lullabots, Treehouse and Achieve Internet.


ChrisKennedy (not verified):

That is a nice design! Someone should get em to turn on CSS aggregation though.

Nagelforum (not verified):

Our site is currently getting redeveloped in Drupal. After intensive market analysis I have to say, that Drupal is the best Open-Source Community one can get. Great job guys!! Congrats for your success, keep going.