Lucas Arts, the video game company of George Lucas, launched a stunning Drupal site for its upcoming MMORPG: Star Wars, The Old Republic. Check out the website at: The Force is strong with Drupal!

Star wars game

PS: in 2006, the Lullabots and myself visited Skywalker Ranch, the private workplace of George Lucas, to get some lightsaber training.


Wim Mostrey (not verified):

That's actually quite impressive. I know that site for over six months and I visit it regularly and I absolutely had no idea it was running Drupal. The template really is a work of art.

It does look like they're using vbulletin for their forums, and they integrated it to work as their commenting system as well. I wonder why they made that decision and how they implemented it.

Tony Zielinski (not verified):

I see that vB is their forums, but the comments look more like Drupal to me, although it is so customized that it's hard to tell! How can you tell?

Chris (not verified):

Actually, the comments are Drupal but yes, the forums are vB. The reason is simply because Bioware had a community using vB for quite a while before they were ready to build the site. It ended up being easier (and within the timeline) to integrate with vB than to do the migration of users, threaded forum posts, etc. that a full rebuild would have required.

Ryan (not verified):

Excellent site! Watching the trailers (esp. Deceived, the fall of Coruscant) makes me wish I was a gamer so I could get into it. Maybe we can get a "distant past" prequel to the Star Wars trilogy without the silly teen love and angst. : D

peach - all dr… (not verified):

Wow that's an amazing Drupal theme!

It seems like much of the backend is integrated with 3rd party software while at the theming layer most is still run by Drupal.

I wonder how their user system works because the login forms and registration urls looks like Drupal but the registration form seems very custom, and very cool too.

Chris (not verified):

The registration is Drupal-based but there's some custom integration work to manage integrate user management for Drupal and vBulletin. The result is that some of the front-end user edit screens are Drupal (registration, account info, password, refer a friend) and some are vBulletin (signature, friends, ignore list, etc.).